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January 2020
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Day 2 17th August

Villa on Tour .... hah!

Okay, so I’ve had a bit of sleep noticed the spelling mistakes in the previous post (and corrected them) and I take my first ride on the bike. Couldn’t get it started. Okay so let’s lookat this logically – is there fuel? yep. So this is where it starts getting difficult – hah! it has a manual choke – it fires up, and off I go….. it stops. My Brother in Law, Bob, wonders if the little tap under the tank may do something. Let’s see what it says …. “off”, “on” and “res” … doh, let’s turn the fuel tap on then shall we Rob? It fires again, and we’re off up the gravel drive, fish tailing it all the way. I get back from all of 800 yards in one piece. Before I can try it for real I need to get it licenced, which will have to wait until tomorrow (Monday) – so see you then.

Day 3 18th August

This makes me legal

After a little bit of an anxious few moments – I had to call the US to get a Canadian Insurance ID sent over – I get my Licence Plate. Now I can take the bike out on the road for a proper ride for the first time. I’ll get back later to let you know how it goes. But for now I a little bit relieved, because getting the Licence Plate was the most vital part of the whole planning process….. phew!

Day 4 – 19th August

Today I go to Toronto – I just want to have a look around. I said that my sister had arranged a surprise for me and I can reveal that it’s a date with a hot blonde – my niece Leanne …. but if it seems like it can’t get better than that …. it does – a baseball game at the Skydome (now known as the Rogers Centre). The Toronto Blue Jays vs. the New York Yankees!!

The Blue Jays won 2-1. The Yankees were ahead 1-0 from the first Innings (there are 9 innings each per game) but the Blue Jays hit a Home Run in the 8th and then hit the winning run in the 9th right near the end. Good result!

Check out the video in the photo album and click the tag ‘attheskydome’

Two of the loves of my life

Day 5 – 20th August … on the road

I write this just before I set off on the first leg. Today and tomorrow are fairly easy rides. About 200kms each. I am riding up Highway 400 past Parry Sound, on towards Sudbury and then turning left towards Espanola. I am overnight at a little town called Massey.

I will add to this when I get there – I hope!

Well I’m here – I’m going to need to check my mileages again.  I thought today was only going to be about 200kms …. it was nearer 350kms!

The geography is different to what I had thought it would be – I had expected it to be a bit barren and un-interesting.  It was not flat, there were loads of trees and the road is cut through the rock of the Canadian Shield on either side.  After about 50kms I looked right and saw this lovely lake off the highway. “Wow” I thought, “perhaps I should stop and get a picture”.  I didn’t, mainly because of the 50ft truck on my tail – but it didn’t matter anyhow – I saw another 100 similar lakes or more before the days end!  I’ll get used to this country at some point.


As I was leaving my sisters place, the first part of the road away from hers is downhill and very gravelly, I didn’t think I was going to make it to the main road – things get a bit blurry through salt water …

Lesley – I really can’t thank you and Bob enough for what you did to help me get this thing on the road. “Thanks” is all I have.

Leanne – follow your heart.  You are young enough to make a mistake, but I’m sure you won’t because you’re smart enough to turn any decision into the right one.

Matt - You’re right … you’re bed is too short!  Thanks for the loan of it all the same.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow – I go through the first National Park on my route.  Check in tomorrow to see where it is.

I know, I’m such a tease … and I’ll try and get some more pictures up – the site is blocked from the PC I am using right now.


Day 6 – 21st August

Left Massey and about 2 hrs later reached ‘The Soo’ – that’s what the Canadians call the town of Sault St.Marie – bit confusing really because there’s a town of the same name on either side of the river. One is in Canada the other in the US. Good job I don’t have a Visa for the States so I can’t go wrong! The Soo didn’t look too interesting and so just filled up with fuel, took on board a Mars bar (well I am trying to eat well!) and set off up the road to Lake Superior National Park … well after about 10 mins I start getting the impression that this could be a good ride … and how! There’s a bit of traffic but eventually I get past it and I spy Lake Superior for the 1st time. It is a beautiful sight and I’m just coming over a high pass as I see it. At the bottom I turn off to get a couple of pictures and theres a lovely little beach, like so …

August 21, Lake Superior (5) 

Whilst taking of my helmet and sorting out the camera a car pulls up alongside – a white car – with some lights on top …. I wave and they get out. The female officer says “G’day sire. Sheesh I didn’t think these things could go that fast” ” How fast” I enquire. “Well I clocked you at (and I think she said) 114kph (a limit of 90kph – making this about 10mph per hour over the limit)”. A look of astonishment appears on my face “No! Really? I am so sorry. I had no idea”. This grovelling goes on for a moment or two and she asks to see my papers. So I am scrabbling around for them, and whilst I am doing this I apologise yet again. The other guy says “where in the UK are you from?” So I tell him. “Do you know Stockton-On-Tees?” he asks me. I tell him I have not been there but I know where it is and ask if he has friends or family there. “I was born there” he replies. I don’t think I am going to get a ticket. I don’t. They shake hands with me and wish me a safe trip.

Why can’t UK Police be like that for a minor indiscretion?

The rest of the ride is just jaw droppingly fantastic – I thought it would be nice, but I had no idea that Ontario could be like this.

Tonight I’m in the town of Wawa – the town greets you with a big plastic Goose! That sets the trend …

Checked in to the Motel – not great but it will do. I get out of there 1st thing in the morning and head on round the coast.

August 21, Wawa Sign