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February 2020
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Day 28 – 12th September

I don’t like the days when you are just trying to kill time for the flight home.  Like most people, I guess, I just want to get on it and be home in a jiffy.  The flight isn’t until just after 2.00pm and so I decide that leaving the hotel by taxi at 11.15am or [...]

Day 27 – 11th September

This is my last full day in Vancouver … in Canada even!  The sun is still shining and the city is still noisy, as all cities are of course.  It’s the first time in years that I’ve spent any time in a city and it reminds why I wouldn’t want to live in one.  They say [...]

Day 26 – 10th September

I wake this morning and decide I want to have a think about the bike and just to see if anything else develops over the next few hours.  I take a ride over to Granville Island.  It’s a bit artsy and not an island at all – it’s attached to the rest of Vancouver by [...]

Day 25 – 9th September

Today I need to start putting the wheels in motion to sell the bike, but … there is a problem.  The bike started to overheat as I was riding towards the ferry and into Vancouver.  The Recovery guys brother is coming early afternoon.  So I take a chance and ride about 10kms out of town [...]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD – 9th September

Yes folks it’s my Dad’s birthday to day. He’s 101, but he doesn’t look it! Happy Birthday Dad – have a drink on me.