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February 2020
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On my way …

Early morning start .. three trains … two planes … one bike waiting. Thanks Nigel.

Off we go again!

Reviving this blog for my little jaunt to California – leaving on Thursday 14th for a couple of weeks, arriving back just in time for the FA Cup Final with my beloved Aston Villa … for which I have a ticket along with my boys Mark and Jamie. Yippee! I’ll be riding the length of [...]

What a nice surprise for me!

When I got home Clare gave me an envelope, and inside was this picture with a personal message on it from the lovely Suzi Perry.   And if you don’t know who Suzi Perry is, then don’t worry about it.  All you need to know is that she is a ‘proper’ person and a smashing lady. Since [...]

In memoriam

  It is with a good deal of sadness I have learned that a few days after leaving my cousin Davids house near Kaslo one of his lovely dogs, George, passed away.  He was looking very sorry for himself during my visit, and the day after I left David and Mabel took him to the [...]

My final post on this fantastic experience

The most common question I will no doubt be asked will be “How did it measure up to your expectations?” and that will take some thinking about because it will have both surpassed and failed to live up to many expectations one might have; simply because expectations are based on an imaginary view of the [...]