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September 2008
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Day 25 – 9th September

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Today I need to start putting the wheels in motion to sell the bike, but … there is a problem.  The bike started to overheat as I was riding towards the ferry and into Vancouver.  The Recovery guys brother is coming early afternoon.  So I take a chance and ride about 10kms out of town to a Kawasaki dealer to plead with them to take a quick look at it.  I am hoping that it is something simple like low coolant or a blown fuse or relay.  I arrive not long after opening and pop down to the service dept.  The guy on the desk is very understanding and I hand him the keys.

Whilst I wait upstairs in the showroom a chap says ‘hi’ and asks me what flight I am taking out of Vancouver, and so I tell him.  It only turns out that he works for the company that will be servicing the plane I will be on … !  His name is Stephen and we swap business cards.  I have one scruffy one in my wallet.  He promises to say ‘hi’ again at the airport.

5 mins later the service advisor appears with my key with a cheery “She’s ready for ya”.  Brilliant.  “What was it?” I ask.  It turns out to have been just a blown fuse.  I ask how much I owe and he says “this one’s for free”.  I give him $10 to give to the mechanic for a beer and leave very relieved.  On the way back to town I am wondering why it blew, but Kermit is now running beautifully again though.

Ty (the Recovery guys bro) turns up at about 2.00pm.  He has a look around it, has a listen and says he’s worried about a bit of a rattle.  After taking it for a ride he tells me it could be bad because the mirrors vibrate.  Well blow me down – a single cylinder engine that rattles and vibrates.  Whatever will they think of next?  He then tells me what figure his brother is prepared to offer and I tell him to forget it.  We shake hands on part on friendly terms, but if the guy wants it he’s going to have to get in touch with me and be prepared to negotiate.  As much as anything I want to know that they are going to come up with the cash in good time.  I am not prepared to leave it till the last minute so that they can re-negotiate any figure in their favour.  I’m damn sure that any rattle is due to a valve or tappet adjustment, which could be attended to when it is being prepared for sale or during a routine service.  Besides which the bike has performed just too well over that past 7000kms for it to be anything at all to be concerned about.

So, at this I hop on the bike and up up the road to a Yamaha dealer I saw on the way into town earlier on today.  I call in and see a chap called Ryan – he’s the Sales Manager and clearly knows his stuff, but he seems more than okay.  He has a quick look at it, and tells me what he thinks it’s worth to him.  I know it’s a bit under-valued, but beggars can’t be choosers, and it’s just on the limit of what I was prepared to suffer at the outset, so I can’t complain too much.  He will want to take a closer look at it, I have a couple of other fish to try and hook, and so I tell him I’ll bring the bike back in the following day.

I get curry for dinner in town (hooray for curry houses the world over) but have to get back to the hostel for 7.30pm as a group of us are going to Yuk Yuk’s, a Comedy Club.  The comedy is what I expected, too much profanity for anyone to declare that a good joke can be improved just by adding foul language.  A good joke is a good joke.  A swear word does not make it funny no matter how much it is repeated.  However, some of the underlying stuff was quite funny, especially the non-politically correct guy.  Hurray for non-PCness.  It was an amateur night, and by and large they proved it to be the case.  I did meet another English bloke – Vino whose parents are from Sri-Lanka – and a Swiss fella by the name of David.  David is also a biker but that wasn’t what he was doing here.  He did hire a Harley for a couple of days in Honolulu though.  Lucky so-and-so has been traveling for about 4 or 5 months if I recall correctly.

[MARK - David is also writing a blog and had been trying to uplift a map feature like I have.  I have told him to drop me a mail and that you would give him a steer in the right direction if that's okay.  We'll see if he drops by here]

I get to bed about midnight, which is the latest I have been up so far this trip I think.  Time for a Cocoa.


Comment from lesley
Time 12 September, 2008 at 2:19 am

have a good trip home Rob! Glad you had a good trip-however good trips are though it is always a great feeling to walk in through your own front door! It’s about a week later that you start wishing you could walk right back out of it again!! see you around-someday…….

Comment from Clare
Time 12 September, 2008 at 9:03 am

Hey Lesley – stop trying to tempt him back so soon – it’s my turn now! I’m sure it won’t be another 25 years before you see him on those shores again.


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