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September 2008
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Day 24 – 8th September

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Today is my last big ride on Kermit – I’m heading off to Vancouver, retracing my steps for the first part of the journey from a couple of days ago.  The 30kms south of Port Alberni is one of the most enjoyable rides I can recall – fast and smooth, the weather is fabulous and the scenery even better. Totally brilliant riding – I couldn’t have wished for better.  Kermit is going like a dream – I guess wearing away the knobbly’s on these tyres makes for better road riding.

I make the boat from Nanaimo to Vancouver just in time and start chatting to a youngish couple on a Harley – this helps because when we go back to our bikes I start looking at a map of Vancouver and the guy say’s “Where ya headed man”.  I tell him and he says “hang on to us and we’ll lead you to the road you want”.  At a turnoff from the highway he points to the right for me and they both wave.  I go right, they go left. His pillion is looking over as our paths part evermore and gives me another big wave again until they are out of sight.  Nice people.

The road into Downtown Vancouver is busy, and now I see what they mean about the beggars – between Chinatown and Downtown they are everywhere.  They don’t threaten, even if it appears a bit intimidating.

I find the hostel quite easily and it is slap bang in the middle of the action.  I drop off the bags and head for Robson Street and the Library.

Tonight I like the look of the Cactus Club Restaurant – it looks busy even though it’s still quite early.  I get a table and am served by Lauren (as I later discover).  You know I said a few posts ago how good looking the waitresses seem to be in Canada?  My word, they have overdosed on it at this place!    Even better, the food is the best I have had on the whole trip.  I coming back here, that’s for sure.

I have been in touch with the Recovery guy who said he was interested in the bike and then speak to his brother, Ty, who lives locally.  He is coming out tomorrow to cast his eyes over it.

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