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August 2008
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Day 11 – 26th August

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A day at leisure in Saskatoon.  Very exciting.  I went to the library to have a go on t’internet, then to the Laundromat (I’d already used up more than 4 different ways of wearing one pair of pants, and so this was an imperative … I jest!), and back to the library for internetting.  I buy another pair of shoes to replace a painful pair bought previously and that I had intentionally dumped in Winnipeg (they deserved each other I reckon), yet more internetting, then off to a traditional and typical Saskatshewan Irish Pub for a couple of Canadian beers, olde tyme Irish Burger and Fries followed by a very acceptable coffee and friendly banter with the good natured barman (not Irish, strangely enough).  Hang on a minute – something’s missing … where have the young, blonde, pretty things gone?

Another good nights sleep beckons all the same.

FOOTNOTE: Amongst all the excitement I forgot to mention that Saskatoon is indeed a nice little city, surrounded by a river on two sides with some handsome bridges over the river, a smattering of fine buildings ….. and it’s fair share of blondes.


Comment from sam
Time 30 August, 2008 at 2:23 pm

hiya dad just thought id leave you a comment on my new laptop :D i leave on the 13th or 14 th i think you get back on the 13th dont you? if so ill leave on the 14th (sunday) ive seen claire and she told me about the ikea kitchen set and yea i will need one please i think ill have most things once ive got my kitchenware and now ive got the laptop well i hope i get to see you before i leave try and leave another blog soon

Comment from lesley
Time 30 August, 2008 at 2:27 pm

so the shoes didn’t last- you’re not supposed to drag your feet on the ground to stop ……good job they were cheap.
Sorry about Winnipeg-doesn’t have a good reputation but didn’t think it would be that bad-unfortunately hostels tend to be located in the iffy parts of a city and I should have thought about that-although I don’t recall you talking about a hostel in Winnipeg. Good job you didn’t go through Fort Qu’appelle-it would have given you some relief from the never ending road but it seems that that is where those jail breakers are from and may have been heading back to…..
I think you will find many more friendly Canadians than not -just keep to the “civilized” areas. Maybe I should write to the Mayor of Winnipeg and let him/her know what an impression it left on a visitor!

Comment from Mom and Dad
Time 30 August, 2008 at 6:02 pm

I would imagine by now you are at Davids, the last Thing I heard was from Lesley when she said you had spent the night at Pauls. That was a nasty incident with the youths ,they probably wanted money,It’s good that you knew what to do. I was listening to a programme today in which the speaker was talking about the size of the meals in Canada, he had just come back from there and said what a beautiful country it was but everyone gave you giant sized meals. Just back from seeing Sam, He took us into Market-Harborough, I have to give him Credit for the way he drives, even your dad said he drove well, when we got back we spent the rest of the afternoon trying to Find Paul and David’s place on Google earth, didn’t quite make it though. Take care hope the rest of your journey goes well.

Comment from Rob
Time 30 August, 2008 at 11:10 pm

Sam – Lucky you! I’ll make sure I see you before you head off.

Lesley – I booked the Hostel from the VIC on the Monitoba border. The Hostel wasn’t the problem, and the area it was in was too bad either – it is just a bad town from what little I saw of it. They sure like their Pick-Ups with Chrome Wheels and open end exhausts there – they must all be a little difficent in one physical sense or another, I reckon.

M & D – There do appear to be a preponderence of heavy people here, particularly in the towns that you come across on the highway, and squeezing their way out of the double swing doors of Tim Hortons!

Comment from Mom and Dad
Time 31 August, 2008 at 9:20 am

Some-one up there must be looking out for you, you will certainly have a story to dine on for many years with all you have seen and done. We only saw the Rockies when we flew over them, so you have an advantage. I knew David would be on hand to help if needed, on a trip like this it’s essential to have a contact, also Lesley can keep track of where you are. Mabel and David did invite us over for a visit when they were here last time,I think I might well take them up on the offer, If you are still there when you read this tell David to get a few bottles of Sherry in and a CD of Hello dolly, (I will bring Pat with me), he will know what I mean, tell him I can still do a hand stand not such a pretty sight these day’s. I told your dad I was going to print all your messages off, Maybe one day you can all get together and write a book I am sure that with all the different stories you have to tell it would be a best seller, try and do it in our lifetime though. I am so pleased you that you got to fulfill your dream, thanks to Clare’s efforts, it’s not many of us that manage that and you deserve it. Reading through your Comments I think you might have left David’s and are now on the next stage of your journey. Keep up with the info, we look forward each day to receiving them. Enjoy the rest of your travels, happy biking and keep safe.

Comment from Mom and Dad
Time 31 August, 2008 at 1:43 pm

Rob I forgot to say if you are still at Davids and he shows you where he scattered his dads ashes, take a picture if you can and send it on. Thanks

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