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August 2008
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Day 16 – 31st August

I leave David and Mabels a little later than I had intended, but it’s hard to walk away from that kind of hospitality.  Before I left we took a walk to a fall and a beach with the dogs before heading back for a quick bite to eat.  I get away at about 2.00pm I [...]

Day 15 – 30th August

Today is for riding – David gets out his V-Max and sidecar, which gets a few admiring glances out on the ride.  My bike also gets looked at, but I’m not sure what those looks are saying … We head to Kaslo, then New Denver.  This is a really little smallsville kind of place.  Very [...]

Day 14 – 29th August

The first monrning at Davids place and I wake at 7.30am.  I rub my eyes … What’s that I can see? … I rub them again and raise myself on my elbows.  Bloody Hell – what a view!! I am sleeping on a mezzanine level which is above the reception and sitting area – in [...]

Day 13 – 28th August

I don’t hear Paul go in the morning as I have slept soundly – too soundly.  It’s later than I thought.  Angel makes a fuss of me, and insists that she shoves some museli bars and fruit into my rucksack.  She only met me just over 12 hours ago and already she’s concerned about me, [...]

Day 12 – 27th August

Back on the road today – I’ve got about 650kms to get to Calgary, and hoping that it will be a little more interesting and a little less hot than the last long ride 2 days ago.  Generally speaking there is more variety to the landscape and it is a bit cooler.  I didn’t mention [...]