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February 2020
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D-Day minus 3

Well, only a couple of days to go now – let’s see what’s packed so far …. pants x 2, socks x 3 (3?! .. ah found it) socks x 4, Marmite Sandwiches x 30, squash x 6 ltrs, compass, swiss army pen knife, pocket torch.  I think I’ll be fine.

D-Day minus 2

say hello to the nice people Chalky  

I’m still at the office, but working like mad to try and get everything nice and neat for everyone whilst I’m away – the chances of that happening?  About as much chance of me ever wanting to pull on a Man.Utd shirt!  That will be nil then …

It feels like I’m trying to stay loose before the start of the 400m 1st round at the Olympics – trying to focus but not getting too wound up.

Most things are sorted – unbelieveably I still have to pack my rucksack, but I know where most of the things are that have to go in it.  That’s why I’m taking Friday off.  Bonus time tonight though – my sons are coming round to watch the Villa on Channel 5 in their Uefa qualifying match in Iceland.  That should take my mind off things for a couple of hours.  But before that I’ve got to put Chalky (above) away somewhere nicely safe and sound.

Right, let’s get work stuff sorted then.

D-Day minus 1

Now it’s starting to feel real.

Just running round like mad trying to forget as little as possible.  The next post will be from Canada!

Thanks for your best wishes AB and Frank.

Day 1 – Part 2 The duffer has landed!


I lay my eyes on Kermit for the first time – dear Lord he’s ugly ….

After getting to my sisters in Coldwater, Ontario I opened the garage door to find this. Brown Paper bags aren’t supplied free with it apparently, but they are on the Options List.

Actually it’s perfect for the trip I reckon. Light, agile and robust with enough ability both on and off road for the likes of me. I’ll be taking it for a run on Monday once I’ve got it licenced.

There won’t be much to report until then so have a good week-end everyone, and keep your fingers crossed for the Villa who are playing Manchester City in their opening match of the new Premier League Season on Sunday at 3.00pm. I’ll be keeping track via t’internet. I’ve also got a great surprise lined up for Tuesday evening, or so I am told. You’ll need to log in on Wednesday to find out what it was. I’ll just have time to write a few words about it before setting off from Lesley’s house on Wednesday morning on the 1st leg of my journey.

Day 1 – 16th August. Part 1


I got here! After only 32 years I have set foot in Canada. It;s a little bit warmer than in the UK but I guess I can put up with that. My niece Leanne is a exactly as I remember her – a pain in the butt! Only joking – she’s a cutey. The first thing she tricked me into was to buying her a pair of shoes! Tch …..